Dr. Marc Ingo Wolter is head of the GWS division ‘Economic and Social Affairs’. After studying economics he worked as a research assistant at the University of Osnabrück. His doctorate thesis dealt with ‘Retirement arrangement systems and economic development’. Since 1998, he is working for the GWS and is responsible for predominantly short and long-term projects for public as well as private clients.

Marc Ingo Wolter has extensive experience in the development and appliance of macro-economic models as well as in establishing empirical evaluations. His research focus lies on socio-economic development on the background of economic and structural demographic change.

His research areas cover the development of the labour market and industry sectors related to growth and employment on the national and regional level as well as the impacts of demographic change. He is responsible for the GWS’s industry forecasts. Besides, he is taking part in the socio-economic reporting ( and is partner of the QuBe project (

Research interests

Business Cycle, Economic Activities and International Trade
Labour Market including issues around professions and qualifications
Socioeconomic issues related to Demographics, Households and Consumption
Health and Long-term Care
Regional Issues

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Marc Ingo Wolter


  • Economic and Social Affairs


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