Anett Großmann is working for GWS since 2004. Since 2017 she is part of the division ‘Economic and Social Affairs’.

After studying economics, she was research and teaching assistant at the University of Osnabrueck. Her doctoral thesis is about the federal financial equalization system in Germany and modelling aspects of the public budget on the level of federal states. Anett Großmann successfully completed her defense.

Her main fields of interest are the development of computer based national and global forecasting and simulation models for e. g. Austria, Germany and Russia and the quantification of macroeconomic effects of policy measures. Most recently she was mainly involved in the impact analysis of economic and environmental policy measures and their representation in so-called E3 (economy, energy, environment) models. Currently, Mrs. Großmann is increasingly working on industry analysis and (socio-)economic modelling of e.g. demographic issues.

She conducts international model building workshops based on the model building framework "PortableDyme". At the "International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software" (iEMSs 2016), her presentation " – an E3 PortableDyme model for Portugal" about the development of the "" model for Portugal with the "PortableDyme" model building framework was awarded the "Best Student Paper and Presentation" price.

Research interests

Macro-econometric input-output models
Federal financial equalization system in Germany
Industry analysis
Regional economics

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Anett Groẞmann


  • Economic and Social Affairs


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