Our figure of the month at New Year's Eve 2018: How frosty or rainy was the party outside?

When we go outside at midnight on New Year's Eve, as we do every year, the question often arises: thick sweater, thick jacket and umbrella? Or relaxed with a jacket or evening gown? The weather can turn the fireworks on New Year's Eve into a treat or a buzz kill. Our figure of the month shows that the weather in the night from 31 December to 1 January was very different in the past.


Especially in 2017, the New Year's Eve weather - at least in Osnabrück - was comparatively mild and dingy. With a value of 10.1 °C, temperatures were even warmer only in 2006. However, the year 2017 sets the New Year's Eve precipitation record since 1996. The last eight years there was no frost on New Year's Eve and under that there were three years in which the temperature was well above 5 °C. The temperature was well above 5 °C in the last eight years. In 1996, celebrations took place under the coldest conditions (approx. -16 °C) by far. Also in the years 2002 and 2008 the temperatures were below -5 °C in the late evening. After all, it is in winter: The colder the drier, so that in those years no umbrella was needed. In general, there was no precipitation at all on late New Year's Eve (20 to 0h) in 17 of 23 years. It only rained or snowed between 11 p.m. and 0 a.m. at four turns of the year. Unfortunately, it cannot be concluded from this that one can leave the umbrella in the house this year. It's better to be prepared for everything, especially on New Year's Eve (only the one with the T-shirt probably won't work)!

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