CRED online training on “Modeling the Economic Impacts of Climate Change and Possible Adaptation Measures”

As part of the Climate-Resilient-Economic-Development (CRED) project, a five-day online training was conducted with the support of the "Center for Macroeconomic Research and Forecasting of the Economic Research Institute" (ERI, Kazakhstan). The economic consequences of climate change and possible adaptation measures for Kazakhstan were discussed and simulated with the model, which is jointly developed by GWS consultants Anett Großmann and Frank Hohmann and ERI.

For the online-course, a training version of the model version was used. Participants received both a practical introduction to the general application of the model and an overview of how climate scenarios and possible adaptation measures are integrated using the scenario technique. The comparative presentation of scenario results allows conclusions to be drawn about the economic consequences of climate risks and the effect of potential countermeasures.

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