Join our webinar on Consumption-based approaches to climate change mitigation

Date and time
Tuesday 18 November 2014 between 15.00 and 16.00 Berlin/Paris (i.e. 14.00 and 15.00 GMT London, 09.00 and 10.00 New York, etc).

Topics that will be covered
How to identify the main sources of direct and indirect carbon emissions associated with EU consumption.
How to assess if policy instruments (within and outside of the EU) can influence embedded emissions in the EU and also emissions outside the EU.
Some of the implications of choosing 'top-down' (multi-regional input/output (MRIO)) or 'bottom-up' (life-cycle analysis (LCA)) methodologies as the basis for the calculations and how to further develop these methodologies.

Who should attend?
Policy makers. Non-governmental organisations. Product designers, manufacturers and retailers. Climate change scientists and consultants.

Simon Gandy – Principal Consultant, Ricardo-AEA
Kirsten Wiebe – Senior Researcher, GWS

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