Input-Output Workshop 2022

Call for Papers

The Call for papers can be downloaded here.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists and practitioners in the field of input-output research and to provide a platform for sharing experiences and research methods in the area of input-output analysis. Topics to be discussed during the workshop could encompass the production of (inter)national and regional input-output tables, the development of input-output models or applications of input-output analysis to specific fields of interest.

Contributions to the following research areas are welcome:

  • creation of data basis
  • structural analysis
  • scenario analysis
  • evaluation

Other topics and suggestions for Special Sessions are welcome.


Please hand in your abstract (max ½ page in pdf format) until January 31th, 2022 to Participants without presentation are welcome. You can register for the workshop after the program has been announced. The format of the workshop cannot yet be finalized due to corona. If possible, it will be an onsite event in Osnabrück. However, due to Corona, another online event may be necessary. A hybrid form may be offered. If an onsite event is possible, participation is only possible for vaccinated and recovered persons with proof.

Important dates

• Submission of abstract until January 1st, 2022
• Confirmation of participation by beginning of February 2022
• Workshop programme: mid February 2022

Conference languages are German and English.

Workshop contribution: 65 € if onsite; none if online

For questions please refer to Anke Mönnig, phone: +49 541 40933‑210

Organising Team

The I-O-Workshop is jointly organised by:

  • Anke Mönnig (GWS)
  • Prof. Dr. Tobias Kronenberg (Bochum University of Applied Sciences)
  • Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther (University Bremen)