INFORUM World Conference 2019

The INFORUM community has met from September 2 through September 6, 2019 in the Olympic resort of Sochi at the Black Sea in Russia for the 27th World Conference. This year, the conference was hosted by Prof. Alexander Shirov and his team from the Institute of Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IEF RAS) based in Moscow. 

The INFORUM group (standing for INterindustry FORcasting Project at the University of Maryland) was founded by Clopper Almon, Professor Emeritus from the University of Maryland, USA in the 1970s. Since 1992, the international community of economists and scientific researchers from five continents have met every year for a World Conference to share and discuss new research approaches and results in the field of I/O-based macroeconomic and industry modelling. 

Apart from general economic I/O modelling questions, many topics of this year’s presentations and discussions dealt with climate, energy, mobility and sustainability questions. In many cases, the research work involved relates to the climate debate as one of the dominating worldwide societal and political discussions at present. Besides, new and progress in existing regional I/O modelling approaches were presented as well as studies focusing on socio-economic and labour market research.

Please find attached the list of presenters & topics including links to all presentations open to the public at the end of this information.

The social program was a well-balanced mix of day and night events and of course included a visit of the Olympic Centre and the skiing resort where the Winter Olympics in Sochi took place back in 2014. The Nature Tree path in the Caucasian Reserve and the harbor & boat cruise on the Black Sea have given all participants a fine impression of the natural wealth of the city and region in the South of Russia.

Thanks to the mix of senior economic researchers who have been part of the INFORUM group for a long time on the one hand and young PHD students and/or scientists on the other hand, the 27th INFORUM World Conference was yet again a very productive and intriguing experience for all participants. The INFORUM community owes special gratitude to the IEF RAS team for a perfect organization, which not only allowed time to share research findings and insights, but also the chance to consolidate the business relations between all member organizations.

The group is looking forward to the 28th INFORUM World Conference, which will take place in Xian in the People’s Republic of China. Prof. Shantong Li and her team from the Development Research Center of the State Council in Bejing will be the hosts of next years’ conference, which is scheduled for August 24 through August 28, 2020.

Not only members, but all scientists involved in I/O based economic research are welcome to join the INFORUM conference. If interested & for further information, please contact: Inforum, University of Maryland, Dept. of Economics; www.inforum.umd.ecu , email to:

Presentations held at the conference (in alphabetical order of the authors)

Patricio Aroca


Impact Analysis of Copper Price Super Cycle on Chilean Growth

Maximilian Banning


Modelling of Energy Efficiency and the Rebound Effect in PANTA RHEI

Aleksandr Baranov, Victor Pavlov & Iuliia Slepenkova


Evaluation of the Impact of Increasing the Oil Production of a Major Oil Producing Company on the Development of Russian Economy 

Rossella Bardazzi, Leonardo Ghezzi


Bilateral Trade Elasticities for Russia. An INFORUM-type Analysis

Asiya Brusentseva


Current Version of the Russian Interindustry Model (RIM)

Ekaterina Edinak, Vadim Potapenko


Forecast of Russian Interregional Migration Flows

Vadim Gilmundinov


Approaches to the Harmonization of Economic Policy in Russia

Maurizio Grassini


A New Star is Born – I/O Model for the UK

Henryk Gurgul & Łukasz Lach


Multidimensional Approach to Measuring Eco-Efficiency in Generalized
I/O Models

Toshiaki Hasegawa


Regional Market Integration and Trade in Value-Added for Japan

Andrey Kolpakov


Understanding the Criteria for Russian Climate Policy: Energy and Economy Modelling

Shangtong Li, Jianwu He


The Economic Structure Change and Industrial Upgrading in China -
Based on I/O Analysis

Douglas Meade


The Supply Side of Health Care in the U.S.

Sergey Milyakin


Modelling of I/O Coefficients for the Russian Economy

David Mullins, Zanele Kayumba


Updating of South African Inter-Industry Forecasting Model (SAFRIM)

Anton Moiseev


Financial Framework for I/O-Models Convergence

Tatyana Novikova


Application of Input-Output Models for Investment Project Evaluation: the Economic Efficiency Approach

Chen Pan, Jianwu He, Shantong Li


The Construction of Chinese Provincial Multi-Regional Input-Output Tables

Yuliya Pankova

  Assessment of Prospects for Formation of the Arctic Transport Corridor (Using Multi-regional Input-Output Model)

Dmitriy Polzikov


Structural Shifts in the Russian Economy in 1990–2015

Maxim Romanov


The Impact of large-scale Events on the Development of Territories         (on the Example of Post-Olympic Sochi)

Ksenya Savchishina


Multiregional I-O Model: Baseline Scenario and Checking of Results Accuracy

Alexander Shirov


Interregional Balance on the basis of Rail Transport Data

Nikita Suslov


Model of Diversity: Systematic Analysis and Application to the Russian Economy

Jurand Skrzypek

  Transition to a Low-emission Economy in Poland in view of the results of Multisectoral Energy Modelling

Ines Thobe

  Impacts of a more Sustainable Consumption

Vasiliy Ustinov


Interindustry Relations of Metallurgy and Metal Consumption in the Russian Economy

Raphael Uzyakov


The Impact of the Structural Factor on Economic Growth

Marc Ingo Wolter


Detailed Labour Market Modelling with INFORGE

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