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Global Developments

Analytical work in the global developments field is carried out using multi-regional input-output calculations and econometric methods. Global ex ante simulation studies generally make use of the GINFORS simulation model, which was developed by GWS and permits analysis of global economic structural change broken down to a high level of detail by country and goods category.

The effects of global economic structural change on transport flows can be traced for land, air and water-borne transport.

Analysis of long-term changes in employment in individual countries provides insights into the global distribution of labour shortages and excesses.

In addition, national accounts on a global scale broken down by individual country provide extensive information for comparative analysis of income changes. The global coverage also permits modelling of the effects of trends in multinational economic growth on global use of natural resources and global emissions.

The additional environmental economy modules permit holistic analysis of economic and social transformation towards sustainable development and social welfare as a result of bundling alternative green/sustainable growth policy instruments.


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