Provision of consultancy services to create a climate vulnerability and risk assessment of the Maltese economy
Project description:

Due to its geographical location in the Mediterranean as well as its geophysical characteristics as a small islands region, Malta is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. In addition to direct physical impacts of climate change (such as sea level rise, extreme weather events, persistent droughts and water scarcity), the direct and indirect economic consequences must also be considered. This calls for a systemic analysis of individual sectoral development dynamics and economy-wide interaction- and feedback-effects resuling from complex socioeconomic interdependencies.

In this service contract for the Maltese Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning; we are conducting a first such assessment for the Maltese economy. Based on an analysis of the current situation, a deeper understanding of future potential macroeconomic climate change impacts is obtained from scenario modelling analyses. To provide a strong evidence base for adaptation policymaking and adaptation action, knowledge co-creation principles will be realised through rigorous stakeholder engagement on the evaluation stage of this climate vulnerability risk assessment.

Contracting entity:
Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning, Malta
Cooperation partner:
Ricardo Energy & Environment
Project team members: