Analysis of German exports and imports of technology goods for the use of renewable energy and other energy technology goods
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The economic side of the energy system transformation in Germanyis often discussed in a shortened form along the lines of cost burdens and additional expenses. The transformation of the energy system and the exploitation of the potential for increasing energy efficiency, however, open up additional growth opportunities for suppliers of energy technology goods. The opportunities for all companies involved in energy technology goods and services and exporting - or importing - these goods have so far not been intensively examined and described. In this context, plants for electricity and heat generation from renewable energies and for increasing energy efficiency represent technologically sophisticated products that therefore fit well with the supply profile of German industry. The production of these plants is based on complex domestic and international value chains, so that imports and exports of energy technology goods have an influence on the German economy that has so far been insufficiently quantified. For an exporting nation, this knowledge gap is astonishing and the project is intended to close it both definitively and with data.

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