Our Services

We work on a broad range of energy, climate and environmental economy and policy issues. The spectrum of our activities encompasses applied basic research, development of scenarios and forecasts, analysis of policy measures and political and business consultancy.

Our analytical work is based on empirical models and methods which have been used both domestically and internationally for many years and are regularly updated. A key focus is on the macroeconomic analysis of different developments and policy options.

In addition to modelling tools, GWS has developed IMAGINE, a graphical user interface which enables our customers to run simulations autonomously and to access a comprehensive data inventory.


The Energy and Climate team consists of economists, physicists and regional economists.Our strengths are in empirical analysis, knowledge of the recent energy economic and climate change discussions and the capability to interpret results within the wider economic context.



What are the employment effects of the energy transition? Are there opportunities in climate change policies?

We are answering these questions and a lot more in our projects for public and private customers in Germany and globally.



Our models combine a sound economic core with modules regarding energy balances, emissions, and data on land use, sustainability and more information on energy and climate issues. We can simulate on different spatial and temporal scales and thus respond to a wide spectrum of challenges.