Anke Mönnig (Diploma in Economics and Master of Arts) is deputy head of the GWS division ‘Economic and Social Affairs’. Since July 2006, she is working for the GWS.

Her thematic focus concentrates on industrial analysis, labor markets and structural change with an emphasis on external trade. She is responsible for the updating and development of the German model INFORGE and the world trade model TINFORGE. The forecast and simulation model INFORGE forms the basis for various model applications within the GWS. INFORGE also forms the economic core for the QINFORGE simulation model, which has been extended to include occupations and competencies and is used both within the framework of the QuBe project and in BMAS expert monitoring.

Anke Mönnig is part of the QuBe project ( and the BMAS-Fachkräftemonitoring ( /daten-und-fakten.html), in which, together with the cooperation partners (BIBB, IAB), the supply-side and demand-side modelling of the German labour market is being promoted.

She also works on international projects (Tunisia, Egypt, Israel) with focus on modelling routines in an input-output framework. Since 2006, Ms. Mönnig has also been preparing medium-term sector analyses for the DSV/DSGV – for the three core industries of chemistry, mechanical engineering and the automotive industry, among others – which require both quantitative and qualitative knowledge of the sectors.

Anke Mönnig shows her scientific presence through publications in peer-reviewed journals and other publications as well as on international conferences. She is a member of the International Input-Output-Association and is (co-)organiser of the German Input-Output-Workshop (

Research interests

Structural analysis
Labour market
Foreign trade
Makroeconometric modelling

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Anke Mönnig


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