Project description:

Business locations must constantly develop further in order to survive in the competition between locations. In order to be able to set the right impulses, decision-makers must have comprehensive knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the business location - they must be able to weigh up the opportunities and risks of possible alternative courses of action on the basis of sound and comprehensive information.

For this purpose, the RegioBoard as structural reporting for municipalities, districts and regions offers a digitally prepared decision-making aid. The RegioBoard is an interactive and web-based dashboard that contains the most important figures, data and facts on the topics of employment and the labor market, demographics and education, as well as industry structure and industry developments. The presentation of the business location is not limited to its own current situation, but the key figures are always placed in relation to neighboring municipalities or districts or even to selected, similarly structured economic areas. This makes it possible to classify the current situation, enabling well-founded decisions to be made on the future-oriented further development of one's own business location.

The RegioBoard was developed in the cooperation project Datacharts together with EWAS and the IT service provider  Christian Hahn.

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EWAS-Institut, IT-Dienstleister Christian Hahn
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