Our services

Our services cover the analysis and projections of macroeconomic data for decision-makers of public and private organisations. The projects of the division comprise the following Research Areas: Business Cycle, Economic Acitivities and International Trade, Labour Market, Health and Long-term Care and Demographic and Socioeconomic Development. Our work is based on the macroeconomic modelling of empirical data from official statistics on a national as well as a regional level.

On request we can incorporate internal data from your company or organisation in order to calculate tailor-made development scenarios and explore specific questions of interest.

Our range of services is rounded off by the GWS ”Themenreports”. These provide an overview of and outlook for selected industrial sectors or look at current economic and social issues. The reports can be ordered here.


The Economic and Social Affairs team consists of economists, social scientists and regional economists. Our strengths are in empirical analysis, selecting and preparing information and interpreting results within the wider economic context.


Research Areas

Based on the GWS own economic models, we conduct empirical analysis and projections for public and private-sector organisations and companies.



A toolkit based on macroeconomic structural models is used for analysing economic and social questions. The focus is on modelling the German economy at a high level of detail.