GWS contribution at the CFCC15-Conference in Paris

GWS together with OECD convened a multi-disciplinary session at the international conference "Our Common Future under Climate Change 2015" held in Paris. It focused on the Science-Policy-Practitioner interface across developed and developing countries. The scientific keynote presentations (40 minutes) included contributions from Dr. Simon Buckle, OECD, Dr. Paul Watkiss (Paul Watkiss Institute). Dr. Ulrike Lehr (GWS) presented results from research on the economics of climate change adaptation, supported by the German Ministry of Research and Education. A key focus for the offered contributions was to draw out advances in practical iterative climate risk management and decision making under uncertainty. With almost 2000 academics from nearly 100 countries, Our Common Future under Climate Change (CFCC15) was the largest forum for the scientific community to come together ahead of the 21st UN Conference of the Parties (COP21) summit in Paris in December.